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Ex-stock Delivery available 1 to 65536 Pulses
We offer encoder solutions for most industrial applications including:

Our flexible in-house design & manufacturing facility based in Wrexham offer the best in:

For Sensors - visit Industrial Sensors Direct
Industrial Sensors Direct Ltd - Inustrial Sensor Specialists Sensors from the best names in the industry - Balluf, Baumer, Pepper & Fuchs, Sick ... and more ....
UK Manufactured Equivalents
to most makes, models and resolutions in a choice of materials.

High Quality Repair Service
available on many makes of encoder

Encoder Health Check Service
available on most makes of encoder

In-House CNCFlexible Manufacturing Systems
allow specials to be produced without extended lead times or high costs

Our experienced team can help source all of your encoder requirements

Gaebridge® Encoders
available from stock. click here for information